LED Driver

AC Direct LED Driver IC


LED Driver  

<Model No. : LID-PC-R101B>


For the replacement of AC-DC converter or

SMPS for high power LED Lamps

Constant current IC to control total power with variable input voltage and input current without Capacitor or Inductor 


LID-PC-R101B is a constant current IC of supplying current to a load regardless of an input voltage variation. PC-R101A also includes

a compensation circuit of an input power for input voltage change

as well as a switching circuit by a LED group for the achievement

of high power factor (PF). It is the reliably stable and high

efficient LED driver for the safety of LED optical components sensitively affected by changes of voltage and current.



1. Features


  -  Wide input range : maxium AC 300V

  - LED protection by constant current driving and power compensation

  - Drive max. 40W @220V, max.30W @110V in 25x30x1.6mm metal

    PCB condition

  - Adjustable efficiency and power factor by LED array and group


  - Tap switching structure to implement high power factor

  - 83% typical efficiency, minimum power factor 0.95 using 1 tap

  - No EMI issue

  -  Small package MLF 20 pin, 7mm x 7mm

  - Implementation of light and slim lighting fixture by minimizing

    necessary components



2. Applications


   - Various kind of LED lighting
   - Small size LED lighting - Down light, Bulb, etc.
3. Description

  LID-PC-R101B is designed with our uniquely and innovative LED AC 

direct technologies (Our patent No.:KR0943656,KR0942234, 

PCTKR2009-005333, PCTKR2009005334) without usage of any

complicated circuit, big capacity of inductor or condenser as used in

general SMPS or AC/DC convertor, It obviously provides longer lifetime

than LEDs due to the same manufacturing process of LED chips

(Especially for the juction tempererture, our IC can resist higher temperature than LED chips) as well as no usage of passive components badly affecting a lifetime of products with LEDs.

It can perform above 99% of power factor by optimizing switching tap

of LED group as optionla.


To improve a power factor, LID-PC-R101B is to be made up of three

different direct N LED groups and it can be done by connecting(N-1)

tab points out of N LEd groups. Furthermore, LID-PC-R101B has additional features to protect LED overload and reduces variation of

luminance through an internal power compensation circuit in case that

a unexpected input voltage peaks above 130% of a rated voltage.

It can support up to 30W output power at 220V/230 of a rated voltage and 20W output power at 110V/100V/120V of a rated voltage

along with 83% of efficiency as minimum.



AC Direct LED Driver IC Module

LED Driver 

  <Model No. : LID-PC-R201B>


1. Pin Description


 2.  Typical application Circuits


3.  Conventional AC-DC Converter / SMPS



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